BioPROVAR is a privately held small biopharmaceutical corporation in Houston, TX.  The company was founded by Dr. Eugene Roussel and Dr. Marie-Claude Gingras following the discovery and the granting of a patent portfolio for BioTremvar.  

BioTremvar is an outstanding discovery because this is the first entity with the capability to prevent and downregulate hyperactivation of the primary responder immune cells, which generate and regulate both phases of the immune response.  This biological is normally present in the human body exerting immune regulation, thus no intrinsic toxicity.  Conditions such as an infection can induce a deregulated hyperactive primary immune response and causes an excess of inflammation which studies have shown to be at the core of many diseases.  Peoples afflicted with inflammatory bowel diseases (IBD), sepsis, acute respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS), and demyelinating diseases known as multiple sclerosis (MS) where the myelin sheet around the nerves is destroyed by the immune cells, have a deregulated overactive primary immune response producing an excess release of inflammatory mediators. Current medications available do not target the primary immune response but only attempt to neutralize the inflammatory mediators after their release.  BioTremvarTM targets the main activation pathway of the primary responder immune cells to cut off the oversupply of inflammatory mediators causing the excess of inflammation and brings back a regulated primary immune response.  The therapeutic action of BioTremvarTM allows restoration of the immune balance, which help the body to regain health.

The company works in association with Dr. Gingras, faculty at Baylor College of Medicine of Houston and has established relations and obtained detailed proposals with the most competent CROs in the business to synergize and complete the clinical development of TREM1-sv rapidly. The company is raising fund to conduct clinical trials and get FDA approval to treat diseases from excess inflammation.


In the USA, sepsis affects an estimated 1,665,000 peoples/year (H-CUP#122). There are 190,000 cases of ARDS annually. There is currently no FDA approved medicine to treat sepsis and ARDS and their death rate is 50%.  There are 1.7 million Americans living with IBD and there are 50,000 new cases per year.  Two thirds of peoples afflicted with IBD get no benefits from the current medicines available. There are 400,000 peoples living with MS in the USA and 10,000 new cases are diagnosed every year. Current treatments for MS have limited efficacy in preventing the transition to the progressive phase and are of no benefit once it has begun.


Our business model is different from the big pharmas drug companies.  We put efficacy first.  We are developing a biomedicine that targets the mechanism fueling the disease and correct the deficiency instead of a poison or an antibody made to inhibit a superficial pathway of the disease providing only a partial relief without correction of the core problem. Big pharmas drugs are designed for a long time dependency.  Our biological therapy is based on an in-depth comprehension of the disease and is designed to correct the deficiency and bring back immune balance with a short or mid-term administration regimen, the time to allow the body to repair and heal itself.