BioTremvarTM – The first medicine that can overcome and regulate a hyperactive primary immune response to restore immune balance

The immune response occurs normally in two phases: a primary response from the innate immunity with the first responder cell macrophages and neutrophils, and a secondary response from the adaptive immunity with the T and B lymphocytes, usually induced by the primary response. The primary response is the engine creating the inflammatory response to an infection. Some pathogens like E. coli can induce a hyper primary response leading to a deadly excess of inflammation. Typical diseases induced from an excess of inflammation created by an overactive primary immune response are inflammatory bowel diseases (IBD), sepsis, acute respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS), and demyelinating diseases known as multiple sclerosis (MS) where the myelin sheet around the nerves is destroyed by the immune cells. The excess inflammation found in these diseases has been shown to be mediated by a deregulated TREM1-macrophage activation pathway.  TREM1 is the main activation receptor or switch of the macrophages and neutrophils.  Eighteen years of research and over 300 articles have shown the prominent role of TREM1 in inflammation and inflammatory diseases.  Hyperactivation of the TREM1 activation pathway causes an over activation of the primary responder cells which release an excess of inflammatory mediators.   Current therapy are either palliative by treating the symptoms (sepsis and ARDS) or with limited efficacy or temporary (IBD and MS) by targeting only one of the many inflammatory mediators released. These drugs are antibodies or similars neutralizing TNF-alpha, they include Enbrel, Humira, Remicade, Simponi, and equivalents.  TREM1-sv (BioTremvarTM) is a human protein naturally found in the blood to regulate the immune response to an infection.  It is the natural counterpart regulator of TREM1.  Instead of decreasing the effect of only one inflammatory mediator, it reduces the production of all of them by downregulating activation of the primary responder cells generating them.  Studies suggest that some diseases develop when the human body cannot produce enough of TREM1-sv to maintain a well balanced immune response against an infection.  Administration of BioTremvarTM supplement has proven remarkably effective.  Proof of concept has demonstrated a strong capability of TREM1-sv to rescue and control the primary immune response from an infection creating a deadly excess of inflammation.  The survival rate of animals battling sepsis was increased from 30% to 100% when treated with BioTremvarTM.  The damage induced to the colon from an excess of intestinal inflammation (IBD) was attenuated by 50% with a single dose of an active fragment of BioTremvarTM. TREM1-sv is the only biological entity known that can overcome and regulate an overactive primary immune response by reducing and preventing its excess release of inflammatory mediators, thereby allowing restoration of the immune balance.

BiotremvarTM is a recombinant version of the human protein TREM1-sv circulating in the blood.  It is produced clinical grade with recombinant DNA technology.  BiotremvarTM is administered intravenously, intraperitoneally, or both depending of the severity of the disease.