●  Discovery of TREM1-sv

●  Research grants awarded for preclinical validation

    as a therapeutic

●  Proof-of-concept as a therapeutic established and confirmed

    by other laboratories

●  Patents awarded in the USA, Europe, and Canada

●  Pre-IND studies have been planned extensively with selected

    CROs and ready for execution

The company is currently ready to initiate GLP production and to conduct the safety and pharmacology studies necessary to file an IND with the FDA. 


●  Funding campaigns for Pre-IND development of BioTremvar

●  Production GLP convertible to cGMP

●  Safety pharmacology and toxicity studies

●  Production cGMP

●  Prepare and submit an IND

●  Funding campaigns to do clinical trials

●  Conduct clinical trials

●  Prepare and submit a BLA for commercialization