Eugene Roussel  Ph.D.,  M.S. , B.S.

Founder, CEO, and Chief Scientific Officer

Eugene Roussel is a founder of BioPROVAR and has served as its CEO and CSO since September 2013.  After obtaining a Ph.D. in immunology, Dr. RousseI did two postdoctorals to study inflammation and then became an entrepreneur scientist and a consultant where he gained a significant amount of knowledge in biobusiness.  He has published several international scientific articles, given international scientific presentations, and he is the author of 6 patents.  He has taken a series of entrepreneurial business courses at Rice University and the University of Houston and an extensive course given by the USFDA in drug regulations and marketing.  Working in different capacities, he has acquired a significant amount of knowledge in the field of patent laws, protein therapeutic, biotherapy, safety pharmacology, toxicology, and drug regulations.  With his education, an extended expertise in inflammation and proof-of-concept data from BioTremvar, Dr. Roussel is convinced of the unique capability of BioTremvar to treat diseases induced from a deregulated primary immune response.  With 20 years of experience in the biobusiness industry, the help of a network of colleagues in the field of medicine, sciences, life sciences business, and of interested peoples, Dr. Roussel strives to bring to the clinic this novel biomedicine efficient to improve the life and the chance of survival of individuals afflicted with ARDS, IBD, MS, or sepsis.  Dr. Roussel and Gingras (COO) have a 20 year history of collaboration having co-authored several publications and been co-entrepreneurs of two different companies.


James Suliburk, M.D., B.S., F.A.C.S.

Chief Medical Officer

James Suliburk is a surgeon and an emergency medicine specialist treating patients every day. He is an Associate Professor at Baylor College of Medicine and an entrepreneur.  Dr. Suliburk has acquired a significant expertise in the field of diseases from excess of inflammation, spending a fellowship studying the immune response of sepsis in the laboratory, publishing several scientific articles, and with over ten years of practice treating sepsis patients in the Baylor Network of Hospitals.  He is a medical scientist and entrepreneur with interests in trauma research, surgery, and leveraging mobile technology to improve surgical outcomes with apps for mobile devices.  Dr. Suliburk serves as the company CMO and his expertise in inflammation medicine and biobusiness provides a savvy contribution for the development of BioTremvar as a novel medicine to treat excess of inflammation diseases.



Dr. Marie-Claude Gingras, Ph.D. , B.S.

Founder, Chief Operating Officer

Marie-Claude Gingras is a founder of BioPROVAR and the discoverer of BioTremvar.  Dr. Gingras is a scientific expert in molecular biology, human genetics, proteomics and cancer with over thirty years of career. She has published over fifty articles in international scientific journals and is the author of four patents. She has been a guest speaker on cancer and genetics around the World.  She is a Faculty at Baylor College of Medicine since 1994 with an appointment in the department of Human Molecular Genetics and the department of Surgery.  Dr. Gingras is a laboratory director and the operation manager of the nucleic acid section for the sequencing pipeline at the Baylor Human Genome Sequencing Center in Houston, one of the five human sequencing centers in the World. She has a genetic and therapeutic research program including the development of TREM1-sv (BioTremvar). She has an extensive network of research and clinical collaborations in the USA, Canada, Australia, Thailand, and the Middle East including Oman and Egypt.  A highly dedicated worker, she has extensive experience in operations and staff management and quality result delivery within aggressive timeframes.  The clinical development of BioTremvar is an utmost priority for her, especially after seeing her mother dying hopelessly of ARDS.  She has worked in collaboration with Dr. Roussel for over 20 years co-authoring several research publications and been co-entrepreneurs of two different companies.


Mr. Carl Heeder, MS Industrial Adm., AB, CFA

Consultant Chief Financial Officer

Carl Heeder has over forty years of experience as Corporate Manager, Vice President and Chief Financial Officer.  He worked as a corporate officer for different multinational companies, including the Norton Company, Artel Communications, State Street Bank & Trust Company, Bremer Vulkan AG, Westwood Associates, and ST Inverter America, Inc., managing budget in the range of $20-$50 million dollars. He served as a consultant for different biotechnology companies in Houston.